Biz-Nomics Carnival 2021

Biz-Nomics Carnival 2021

On Wednesday, March 24, the business department hosted the Biz-nomics Carnival 2021 in partnership with the Student Council. The event was organized to introduce high school students to the world of business and to give them a taste of the opportunities that a career in business provides.

The event was divided into three activities, the day started with Food and Fun on board Activity where students set up food and game booths which were open for the whole school from 8:00 AM to 12:45 PM. Each grade was allotted a time slot for their visit and buying from the booth.

After the selling activity, high school students joined the Kahoot quiz on business entrepreneurs, logos, slogans, taglines and a few questions from the economy of Thailand.

The day’s final highlight was an Intraschool Pan-Asia International School Shark Tank Competition, where four groups presented their business ideas and persuaded the sharks (judges) to invest in their business venture.

The event “Biz-nomics Carnival 2021” was a success in many ways . It brought students out of their comfort zones and gave them a chance to experience the real-business world.