PAIS has a rapidly growing library with books in English, Thai and other languages. Students are provided with a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction books in our library in addition to periodicals such as magazines, newspapers and computer resources.


Breakfast and lunch are available daily in our cafeteria which received  the Thai government’s highest rating for cleanliness and sanitation practices.

The menu emphasizes nutritional balance for growing bodies and minds, as well as culinary variety to satisfy the varied tastes of our international student population.


The PAIS purpose-built auditorium seats just over 300 in plush air-conditioned comfort. The auditorium features state-of-the-art audio and video equipment and is suitable for performances both large and small.

Music Room

The music room is equipped with keyboards, guitars, violins, recorders and more! This is a place within PAIS where future musicians may be made.

Science Labs

PAIS has 4 fully equipped and functional Science Labs: Chemistry, Physics, Biology and General Science. The labs provide the space and resources young minds need to engage in authentic scientific discovery.

ICT Suite

The PAIS ICT Suite boasts 24 state-of-the-art iMac computers available to our students in the pursuit of knowledge. The computers are equipped with a wide range of authentic software and are all Internet-ready.


The PAIS sports facilities provide students places to keep their bodies, not just their minds, in shape. We have:

  • 2 covered basketball/voleyball courts
  • 2 grassed football pitches
  • An open basketball/volleyball/footsal court
  • A half Olympic size swimming pool
  • A swimming pool for kindergarten

Nurse’s Room

PAIS features a large, well-stocked Nurse’s Room for maintaining good health in our students and caring for them when they are under the weather. Our Nurse’s Room has two separate resting areas with beds one for boys and one for girls.