College Counseling

Assisting students with their preparations for college is one of the most essential steps to be taken during a student’s life. Here at Pan-Asia International School, our college counselor aims at establishing a college-going culture from an early age and shaping the perceptions and expectations of our students, as well as their parents, for possible college and university choices.

Sometimes selecting the right university might feel very stressful. The main role of the college counselor is to support our students through this intensive process. Choosing a university that complements their ambitions, talents and potential requires a reflective and thoughtful research. During this process, the college counselor helps familiarize our students with different components involved, such as effective strategies and websites for researching colleges, determining college admission tests and their coping strategies, college admission essays, financial aid applications and making final decisions. More often than not, this process needs to start early on. Therefore, students are encouraged to meet with our counselor as early as their sophomore year.

Moreover, the college counselor plays a significant part in helping students who are unsure about their future career and what major they should study. In such cases, students are encouraged to take career guidance tests. These tests help our students know more about themselves, and they provide a great opportunity for them to determine a career which best suits them.

In addition to preparations for college matriculation, the college counselor helps our students in many different areas. Students will find their counselor helpful in academic matters, such as selecting their IB subjects, when tackling issues of time management, or even when working with their teachers.

Throughout the year, the college counselor welcomes representatives from numerous universities all around the world. These visits provide our students with the opportunity of discussing different matters directly with the admission team and get first-hand information about the universities, their scholarship opportunities and their admission process as a whole.

All students and families are encouraged to utilize the assets made available to them by our school and our college counseling office.

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