Pan-Asia International School (PAIS) was founded on 2004, it is licensed by Thai Ministry of Education, fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment – Thailand (ONESQA) and is a member of the International Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT).

PAIS is experienced at creating excellence in the life of the whole child by providing a rigorous western curriculum in a multi faith multi culture environment with students from more than 21 nationalities.

PAIS adopts a philosophical approach towards managing the learning process by empowering students, and involving teachers and parents in a way to produce independent learners, thinkers, inquirers, open-minded, self-esteemed, and global citizens who respect all cultures, faiths, and ethnicities.

PAIS nurtures an environment where our students grow aware of their spiritual and material needs, know how to fulfill them, able to actualize themselves, join the best universities in the world, and create their own best careers.

We always look forward to welcoming all students of any nationality who fulfill our admission criteria to PAIS community at any time during the year.

At the Early Childhood level (Pre-School to Kindergarten) children are screened to determine developmental stages in respect to overall knowledge, language development, motor skills, and social and emotional development. A child’s performance in these areas should be those expected for the age of the child. Special emphasis is placed on language development.

At the Pre-School and Kindergarten level, pre-academic concepts and skills in the areas of reading and mathematics are screened as well.

At the Primary, Middle, and High school levels (Grades 1-10) students are assessed in the following areas and are expected to meet the norm in line with the child’s age and grade level:

  • Reading Fluency (English)
  • Reading Comprehension (English)
  • Vocabulary Development (English)
  • Speaking and Listening Skills (English)
  • Writing (English)

Admissions Process

Admission is open to all students of any nationality who fulfill our admissions criteria.
Students may be admitted at any time during the school year.

STEP 1: Apply to Join the PAIS Community

All students seeking to enroll at Pan-Asia International School must submit the Student Application Form. This can be done in one of two ways:

  • Apply on campus: one of our admissions officers will help you complete the necessary forms.
  • Download the application form from our website (DOC or PDF), when completed, e-mail or fax the documents to the school. (Please note that you will still need to sign the documents at the campus.)

STEP 2: Schedule a Time for Testing (MAP Testing)

All students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 must complete an admissions test in order to be accepted into Pan-Asia International School. Students seeking to join Kindergarten 1 to Kindergarten 3 must complete a half day trial in the appropriate Grade level paired with a short questionnaire for parents. Students from Grade 1 to Grade 5 must complete a paper test evaluating their basic academic skills and Students from Grade 6 to Grade 12 must complete the following:

  • English assessment
  • Math assessment
  • Personal interview

STEP 3: Submit Official Documents

If the applicant has successfully completed the admissions tests and has been accepted into Pan-Asia International School, the following documents must be prepared and submitted to the school.

Thai Students

  • Previous school report
  • A copy of residence certificate
  • Good moral certificate or Behavior report
  • A copy of birth certificate
  • A medical report
  • 2 color photos (2″)
  • House map
And for parents:
  • A copy of each parent’s residence certificate & ID card
  • 2 color photos (2″) of each parent or guardian

Foreign Students

  • Previous school report
  • Good moral certificate or Behavior report
  • A copy of passport and visa
  • A medical report
  • 2 color photos (2″)
  • House map
And for parents:
  • A copy of passport and visa
  • 2 color photos (2″) of each parent or guardian

STEP 4: Pay School Fees

Before the student can register and receive class information and schedules, all required fees must be paid for in full for the semester.

  • Enrollment fee
  • Tuition fees
  • Uniform fee

STEP 5: Register for Classes

Once confirmation of payment has been received, the student will be eligible to register for classes and/or receive a class schedule. Books, standard supplies and the Student & Parent Handbook will also be issued at that time.