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We follow an American curriculum, based upon the standards and benchmarks provided by the Common Core Curriculum of the USA. For subjects where the Common Core Curriculum is not available, we follow the standards and benchmarks provided by the State of Massachusetts, USA. Students in Grades 11 and 12 have the option of studying the IB Diploma curriculum, which is one of the most comprehensive, popular and most sought-after high school diploma programs in the world.

The school has been fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), an American accreditation agency. We are also accredited by Thai Ministry of Education. We are one of the few schools who got accredited for 3 years in the first attempt. This tells a lot about the quality of our program and practices.

We have a rich and varied range of extra-curricular activities for our students. Apart from team sports like Soccer, footsal, volleyball, basketball and cricket, we also offer other sports like swimming, tennis, badminton and athletics. Our students have the choice of participating in after-school activities such as mental maths, horse-riding, visual arts, music, arts & crafts and swimming just to name a few.

Yes, since we are accredited by the Thai Ministry of education, our high school diploma is accepted by all Thai Universities.

Our unique blend of the best of western education with an emphasis on eastern values of family and brotherhood sets us apart from other international schools, blindly following western influence in their day to day lives.

The IB diploma is the most sought-after high school diploma for all the leading universities around the world. An IB graduate can gain and get admission to almost all major universities in any part of the world. Some universities offer advance credits to IB diploma holders, while others offer scholarships and fee waivers.

Universities not only accept IB diploma students for admissions but also prefer IB diploma students. Please visit the IB website at www.ibo.org to learn more about the universities which accept IB diploma students.

As per our strict policy, ALL PAIS teachers are fully qualified teachers, with a valid teaching license from the Thai ministry of education. The majority of our teachers hold a masters degree in their respective fields. The ones who hold a bachelors degree are Education graduates or have teaching credentials.

Pan-Asia International School is a mainstream international school, which is open to students of all faiths and nationalities. All PAIS members are treated equally with the utmost respect for whatever religion they follow. Religious education is not a part of our curriculum. However, as an option to the people of the Muslim community, we offer Islamic studies to those who want it. The rest of the students are taught values during that class period.

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