Alumni Filmmaker Inspires Students

Alumni Filmmaker Inspires Students

On February 14, 2024, Pan-Asia International School warmly received Mr. Napon Haneef Angsnaraks, an esteemed alumnus from Batch 6. Having been part of the school community since Kindergarten, Mr. Napon graduated from Grade 12 in 2017 and continued his academic journey at Mahidol University International College, focusing on Media and Communications.

During his visit, facilitated by Ms. Haneen Odeh, Mr. Napon shared his film, “Strokes,” with our Grade 7 and 9 students. “Strokes” has garnered recognition at various international film festivals, earning a national award at the International Thai Film Festival and a nomination as a quarter-finalist at the Student World Impact Film Festival.

“Strokes” tells the story of a struggling, long-retired artist who has put down the brush for some time after a life-changing accident. The tale unfolds through a protagonist grappling with self-doubt, finding solace and renewed confidence in the embrace of hope and dreams. A vision of past love becomes the catalyst for his transformation, providing the strength to evolve into something new and beautiful.

It’s noteworthy that Mr. Napon not only wrote and directed the film but also portrayed the main character. We extend our gratitude to Mr. Napon for inspiring our students to pursue their passions and dreams relentlessly.

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