PAIS Bonds During 3rd PPFC Family Trip

PAIS Bonds During 3rd PPFC Family Trip

The third PPFC Family Trip was a great success last January 19, 2019. Two 50-seater VIP Coaches left the school at 7 am with excited Parents and students. The first stop was the sheep farm where kids enjoyed the different scenery and the activities like feeding the sheep, goats, horses and Koi fish. The place offers a restaurant for visitors to enjoy a delicious meal. Also, an air-conditioned cafe was also available where our parents relaxed after the fun activities. Parents enjoyed taking photos with the different theme areas in the place.

The ones who enjoyed it the most were the students where all of them enjoyed priceless moments with their mom and dad. The second stop was the Nakhon Nayok Dam. Everyone was excited at seeing the breathtaking views of the Nakhon Nayok Dam. To save with the time, everyone took the tram ride to view the wide area of the dam where the tour guide happily gave the history and information of the place. Some of the information includes the dimension of the dam. It is 2.5 km long and the height is 93 meters. The thickness of the dam is 8 meters enough for two trams to pass. It can hold 200 million cubic meters of water. The Dam is part of the Khao Yai National Park.

The dam can withstand a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. Lunch was served in a Halal restaurant near the last activity of the trip. The parents enjoyed the honey glazed fried chicken, beef sauced steak and seafood Tom Yum soup with seasonal fruits. The last activity was the river rafting where parents and students cooled off and enjoyed. After the detailed instructions from the river rafting officials, the trip-goers were assigned to 6 rafts. Their river rafting journey started in the base camp and then they paddled their way to the endpoint. Along the way, the rafters stopped at one station where they played in the water, went on the slide and other activities. Due to the time limitations, other river activities were bypassed.

Overall, the parents and students enjoyed the trip. The company that the school hired was very helpful and met the needs of every trip goer. Where will PPFC take us on the next trip is the question that ended that day? Stay tuned to find out!