PAIS In-House Spelling Bee 2017

PAIS In-House Spelling Bee 2017

The PAIS In-House Spelling Bee 2017 was held at PAIS auditorium on October 12, 2017 with participants from grade 1 to 6. The competition was officially opened with a message by Dr. Husni Hamad, the School Chairman. The competition was exciting as primary kids spell out easy and difficult words. The event was concluded with an awarding ceremony. The following students received the award:

Category 1
3rd place – Shahed
2nd place – Nawaz
1st place – Sho

Category 2
3rd place – Nathan
2nd place – Yanisa
1st place – Rohan

Category 3
3rd place – Ammu
2nd place – Anas
1st place – Shadia

Students said the event went really great and they learned about spelling and how to do it in a contest. According to them, it was good to be in a competition where you can practice different words than the usual and familiar words taught in the class. The winners will be representing PAIS this coming November 8 to10 at the Annual KPIS Inter-School Spelling Bee.