Dear Parents,

Pan Asia International School is proud to announce that this School Year we changed our students’ uniform. 

The change being introduced is to improve the current standard of uniform being worn by our students in the school. The main objectives of this change are for the school to have a unique and improved look compared to other international schools and increase the comfort wear to our students with the uniform’s style and material. For years, our younger ones have had a separate, different styled uniform and with this change, they will feel that by looking at their big brothers and sisters they will have the feeling of belongingness. We listen carefully to our parents who have highlighted the needful concerns of this uniform upgrade. It is the mission of the school to ensure our students are dressed with dignity.

To ensure that we have a cost-effective, smart uniform that is a representation of the high standards we uphold, PAIS Parents and Faculty Committee (PPFC) spent countless days finding, testing, accounting the most affordable but with the best material suited for today’s generation. The improvement in terms of fabric and comfort are most noticeable. PAIS community believes that wearing comfortable uniforms is one of the many reasons that will improve the quality of students’ learning, boosted morale and showing high pride in having a more improved international look.

Incoming Grade 5 student Nada said that the new uniform is beautiful and more comfortable. G5 student Much said that the pants for PE is good. Patcy from Grade 4 said that she likes the new uniform because it is not blue anymore.

Also, the school board and management leadership lowered the cost that it will be more affordable to buy at a more durable and comfortable material.