KG End of the Year Show & Graduation

KG End of the Year Show & Graduation

On May 31, 2019 Pan-Asia Kindergarten celebrated the End of the Year Show and had an amazing Graduation Ceremony for KG.3 class. KG graduation was a special occasion that was celebrated by kids, their parents, relatives and teachers as well. It was to remember wonderful memories of children’s year in Kindergarten and share the exciting dreams for their future. KG3 graduation is a milestone in their life. KG3 students gave an impressive performance. They were singing in Chinese and Arabic, dancing and even acting in a play. Watch out Primary school, here they come!

Each class had beautiful and very interesting performances.

Everything was new for the Nursery students: new friends, new school, new routine, and they did it all in stride. They performed “Beats, Rhythms and Nursery Rhymes”. It was a nice mix of the classical nursery rhymes and modern music. Children were singing and dancing and showed how they mastered their skills and group work during the year.

Diploma distribution

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KG1 students looked adorable in their animal costumes and their energetic Jungle dance made everyone dancing along. In another performance they described their year in KG1 with the help of hands-on materials and shared their knowledge of the school subjects.   

They are very ready for Grade one!

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KG2 students loved chanting and singing during the year. Children were excited to sing the fun chant “Five Little Monkeys swinging in the tree”. KG children are always full of energy. KG2 kids dance to the song “Hand Up, Baby” brought lots of joy to the audience.

KG.1 “Jungle Dance”KG.3 “The Little Red Hen” playNursery “Beats, Rhythms and Nursery Rhymes”KG.1 “All about KG.1”KG.2 Fun Chant

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We are sure that the years in Kindergarten will be only the beginning of many proud and successful years at school. Our warmest congratulations to the children on their achievements. We are grateful to parents and teachers for having given their children their unfailing support.

KG.3 Dance-“Power Rangers”Parade of Graduates

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