“PAIS CAS Batch #7 wheelchair donation”

“PAIS CAS Batch #7 wheelchair donation”

Mathayom 6 students (seniors) from Pan-Asia International School organised the Wheelchair Donation event which aims to promote and instil humanitarianism.

The project strives to encourage students to participate in volunteer work for social benefits (CAS – Creativity, Action, Service) by raising funds to provide wheelchairs for the disabled who are unable to afford them. The chairman of Pan-Asia International School, Dr. Husni Hamad, gave an opening speech for the event.

A total of 25 wheelchairs were given to the less fortunate throughout the event. Supported by the Prawet District office, the students received the names of the individuals who are in need of a wheelchair, for which the CAS students prepared accordingly. The CAS students, Pan-Asia teachers and staff together with representatives from Prawet District welcomed the recipients and their families in receiving the wheelchairs.

Further donations were collected with the objective of contributing towards funding next year’s social assistance projects.

It is the hope and aspiration of this year’s organisers that a good example has been set within the youth to provide assistance to the less fortunate in society.