Sports Day 2018: Days of Excitement, Fun, and Unity

Sports Day 2018: Days of Excitement, Fun, and Unity

To celebrate the spirit of unity, sportsmanship and camaraderie among the Pan-Asia International School family, Sports Day 2018 was themed “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. This two-day affair, held February 8-9, revolved around our four teams bearing different colors showcasing their talents and skills.

This year’s festivities featured unceasingly fun–filled activities such as cheering, banner raising, and fun games. Sports included swimming, volleyball, basketball, football, soccer, and dodgeball. Through their participation, students were given the chance to enjoy and promote an atmosphere of fairness and unity among their peers.

The much–awaited event started with a parade led by the marching band and was officially opened by a motivating message from Dr. Husni. The chief guests were no other than the Head of Education Department of Pravet, Mr. Montee Wanthong, together with the Head of Environment and Public Health Section, Mr. Sombat Kruakeeratitham.

The crowd got excited as the team representatives performed the traditional torch run, followed by the raising of house color flags. As the ceremony continued, the venue turned to a mixture of cheerful colors as everyone gathered in their red, blue, yellow, and green teams – proudly wearing costumes and waving their banners. After the opening ceremony, cheering and fun games commenced which filled the court with laughter and fun. The amusement lingered until the parent-teacher versus students’ futsal match rocked the game floor. As the teams faced off against each other, everyone shouted, giggled, and supported their teams. In fact, no team ever failed to give their best to win each game.

At the end of the two-day event, winners were declared with trophies and medals as awards for all their efforts. This year, the red team triumphed as they claimed the overall championship.

Undeniably, Sports Day 2018 marked a milestone for the PAIS family. The days were tiring yet very fruitful as students displayed happy faces as the event smoothly ended. Furthermore, Sports Day 2018 opened more opportunities for students to nourish their skills and to develop a strong bond with one another where they can instill the spirit of sportsmanship, unity, and camaraderie. Overall, the event was a great success with the help of parents, teachers and students from beginning to end. Congratulations on a job well done!