PAIS Honored Teachers on World Teachers Day 2017

PAIS Honored Teachers on World Teachers Day 2017

World Teachers’ Day is an important event and is celebrated annually to bring together co-pedagogues and to show appreciation to their efforts in moulding students. All the students in Pan-Asia International School attended the ceremony showing respect and love to the teachers, held the Auditorium, on Thursday 5th October, 2017, through the initiative of Ms. Luksana Salimi.

The purpose of the event is to make children aware of the importance of the teachers, and their impact to their life.  The event helped the students to understand respect to teachers and it is a chance to develop a high moral standard, ethical values, and a positive self-image.

Dr. Husni Hamad, the School Chairman opened the ceremony by giving his speech and words of wisdom to all teachers and students. After that, a creative video made by Grade 11 students was showed.  It contained a heart melting moments of teachers and students, and some bloopers of students surprising their favorite teachers.

During the ceremony, teachers were called up on the stage and were offered flowers.  It was a successful activity that students like Safna from Grade 4 simply said , “I like the show.”  It was very organized and filled with surprises.  Pretty, a student in Grade 5 told that, “I love Teachers’ Day because it makes me to love my teachers and I understand more about being a teacher.” 

“It takes a big heart to shape little minds.”  That heart is the teacher’s!