Student Development


Student Development Section promotes extra support for our students in a Non-Academic section. It aims to increase awareness to each student and to develop them in becoming a better individual with an opportunity to excel not only academically but also morally and to become responsible, balanced future citizens of the global community.

Under Student Development are sections that students can avail to boost their interpersonal learning experience in school.

School Counseling (Psychosocial)

School counselors are available to listen to your concerns and support you in finding customized solutions for your problems and tips on making good decisions. School counselors work together with the students to find the ways for each student to stand up for themselves.

School Counseling Service meets with students individually or in small groups. The most common setting for most students is a private meeting between the student and the counselor.

Main areas that School Counseling under SDS works with are:
   a. Academic issues. This can be anything with students’ lessons and teachers. The School Counselors can help students to learn:- studying skills, -motivation, -support in terms of academic skills.
   b. Social and personal issues which includes: Education in understanding yourself and others, Coping strategies, Peer relationships, effective social skills, Communication, Problem-solving, Decision-making, Conflict resolution, Problems at home, Anxiety, Self-esteem and self-confidence problems, Grief-loss of elders, Learning to be patient, and almost anything on students’ mind.

College Counseling (Career)

Students are provided with counseling about their future career choices through surveys and tests. In this way, students are able to learn more about themselves, their interests, and talents in order to make realistic and appropriate decisions.

– What type of job is right for every student?
– What might students be good at?

After finding answers to these questions, our College Counselor and student(s) set goals on Student’s future life and plan their career (e.g. visit college fair, inviting universities to present in school and the like).


PAIS believes students should receive the best possible education in a safe and secure environment where everyone is treated with respect. The school believes that discipline is learned and should, therefore, be taught in home, school and community.


Students are encouraged to be a leader as they are referred to be the future of our society. Under activities, every student gets a chance to be involved with Student Council where there is a Student Captain that acts as the bridge to relay the concerns of students to teachers and management.

Students are engaged with competitions with other schools like Math Challenge, Sports Leagues and the like.

Students will have time to discover and apply what they learn through Semestral field trips that would enrich their learning in school by applying concepts outside the school’s campus.

Students have a different selection of extracurricular activities to boost their interest with clubs of their interest and various after school courses to further assist with their academic and non-academic needs.

At Pan-Asia International School, we believe that a student can excel not only in academics but believes in developing the student as a balanced, responsible and better future citizens of the community through engagement of activities and our counseling services.