Montessori Method of teaching at PAIS Kindergarten

Montessori @ Kindergarten

At PAIS Kindergarten there is a balanced combination of American Curriculum which is Common Core State Standards together with Montessori Method of teaching which prepares children for life, to be academically and morally achieved students and to be socially and emotionally prepared students to enter higher grades of their learning journey.

Pan Asia International School. Preschool - Kindergarten, Bangkok Thailand

There are many benefits of learning in a Montessori environment.

  • Focuses on Key Developmental Stages
  • Encourages Cooperative Play
  • Learning Is Child-Centered
  • Children Naturally Learn Self-Discipline
  • Classroom Environment Teaches Order
  • Teachers Facilitate the Learning Experience
  • Learning Method Inspires Creativity
  • May be More Effective in Developing Certain Skills
  • System is Highly Individualized to Each Student
  • Curriculum Focused on Hands-On Learning