Academic Achievement Awarding Ceremony 2018

Academic Achievement Awarding Ceremony 2018

The most inspiring ceremony in the academic life of students is the culminating of their hard work recognized during the academic achievement ceremony, where they are awarded for their excellence and meritorious performance in their studies.

The students, however surprised of their achievements, are overwhelmed with the awards they received, and this day was witnessed by their friends, teachers, and most especially their parents. All achievers served as an inspiration to everyone to perform better in the class, to choose to make wise decisions, and climb up the ladder of success.

This event is not only for those who achieved trophies and certificates, but also for others to get inspired to achieve something. By being inspired, students can strive better and can achieve something later on. With or without the certificates, anyone can be achievers. It is just a matter of choice and choosing the right one. It is the vision of Pan-Asia International School to produce individuals who are both academically and morally well-balanced, by bringing up the good characters they possess for them to become leaders of tomorrow.  

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