SAT and IELTS Courses

SAT and IELTS Courses

PAIS college counseling session continuously working on students college preparation. We do offer SAT and IELTS Preparation course once again for those who missed the chance in first semester.

We are offering an IELTS and SAT Prep class for all high school students’ 4‐hour class for SAT and 3-hours class for IELTS (on Saturdays) to help students prepare for these important test. This class will provide an understanding of the SAT and IELTS test format and content, useful test taking skills, as well as basic strategies students can use to determine areas in need of study and methods to improve their scores.

One session will focus on English proficiency of non-native speakers on the IELTS, the other session will focus on math and English language arts skills covered on the SAT.

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