Unveiling of the King’s Mural

Unveiling of the King’s Mural

The Music and Arts Department, spearheaded by Ms. Bethel Faith Mascariñas, in collaboration with the Thai Department, initiated the making of the King’s Mural. This activity was done mainly in the cafeteria and it involved initially all of middle school and high school. Ultimately the primary section was involved as well. All teachers helped in supervising the drawing aspect of the activity, but all images had to finally go through an approval done by PAIS Visual Arts Teacher, Mr. Andrew Zboinkski.

The purpose of the activity was to get together the school and community to celebrate the life and mourn the death of the late king, as well as build confidence in artistic skills so that individuals understand that they are all capable of great things never thought possible.

The unveiling of the King’s Mural took place at the PAIS KG Court where a solemn ceremony honoring the late king was conducted. Parents and guests participated among the teachers, staff, students, and the PAIS community bid its final farewell to the late beloved Thai King. Everyone wishes His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej a peaceful journey to the other side.

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