Second Annual PAIS Flu Vaccination

Second Annual PAIS Flu Vaccination

Our second yearly flu vaccination program, organized by our school nurse Davina Siena E. Austria, took place November 10th, 2017. This is a collaborative program with Samitivej Children’s Hospital providing the flu vaccine to our students, teachers, and any interested member of the PAIS family. The purpose of this program is to promote good health by decreasing the risk of contracting the flu, by providing annual vaccinations. Absenteeism due to flu and flu symptoms can be reduced, as we have seen with those who received the vaccination last year.

This year’s flu vaccination program was a great success with 102 recipients of the vaccine. We extended this program to family members and opened the service for walk-ins. The day started with scheduling the vaccinations according to department to prevent traffic and have a smooth flow at the nurse room. Everything started on time, as the Samitivej medical team was set and ready to go before 9 am. On site, we had three nurses and a pediatrician to administer the vaccinations. As with any medical procedure, there is always a chance of possible reactions, which is why we had a medical emergency team and a standby ambulance on the premises.

This year we had more participants and less walk-ins compared to last year. Everyone who registered for a vaccine received it as scheduled. We believe that this is a result of the increasing awareness of flu prevention and the success of the program so far. Thanks to the cooperation of all involved and the excellent professional assistance provided by Samitivej Children’s Hospital, the program was smooth sailing with no problems.

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