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Senior CAS Students Conduct the First PAIS Helpers and Support Staff Appreciation Day


Senior CAS students, supervised by the IB CAS Coordinator and College Counselor, Ms. Phyu Cyn Htun, came up with the idea and successfully organized the first ever “PAIS Non-Teaching Staff Appreciation Day” at Pan-Asia International School on Wednesday, 2 November, 2016. We have been organizing “Teachers Appreciation Day” every year and students pointed out that non-teachers and support staff should be appreciated as well. CAS students finally agreed and decided to organize it.

Students secretly took pictures and videos of non-teaching staff working around the school and compiled them into a great video and showed them at the auditorium as a surprise. They were all happy and laughing while they watch themselves on the screen. They were also given small gifts: an apple juice and a bag on which is written “Thank You,” simple yet, we wish it touches their heart. We really appreciate what they do for the school and for doing simple and big things to students.

This batch has set the trend for the event, we hope to see it conducted yearly by the next batches. It was an awesome way of “showing gratitude” to everyone around who keeps helping us. Great job, Seniors!