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Pull-Up Bars: PAIS Student Council Project 2017


The pull up bars is the project proposal proposed by the Student Council with the support and approved by the PAIS management. We would like to dedicate to our PAIS Students, Teachers and Staffs to have a good, healthy and athletic body referring to the ESLR of our school "Physically Fit". Now the PAIS students would be able to increase their height and their overall strength and body to become a stronger students and practice their discipline and commitment that they would have towards their goals. The benefits of Pull up bars are as follows.

Benefit #1: Fundamental Compound Upper-body Exercise Compound exercises are important because they target multiple muscle groups.

Benefit #2: Easily Increase Intensity Regularly increasing the intensity of your workouts is one of the secrets to building muscle.

Benefit #3: Many Variations

Benefit #4: Grip Strength If you’re a serious bodybuilder, than having good grip strength is a must. Fortunately, pull-ups are the perfect exercise for strengthening your grip.

Benefit #5: Fat Loss It’s not quite like running on a treadmill or jumping rope, but pullups will get your heart rate up and really kick your butt. If you want to boost the fat loss effects of pullups, decrease the time in-between sets or super-set your pullups with another exercise.

Please support the future project of P.A.I.S. Student Council.