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PTA Breakfast Meeting with Middle School Parents


The PAIS Parents-Teacher Association is a body comprising of parents and teachers who meet occasionally to discuss matters on the educational, moral, and spiritual well-being of the students. At Pan-Asia International School, the PTA encourages closer links between home and school. Through the PTA Committees, parents can easily voice out their needs and concerns to the school administration, and therefore be given proper acknowledgment,efficient response, and timely solutions to any problems.

Parents involvement in the PTA is important in order to raise awareness of the school activities and to have a chance to enhance and promote the school’s standing within the community.

On the 31st of March 2017, the PTA Committee launched a breakfast meeting with middle school parents to get to know one another. Everyone was introduced, and got the chance to meet the Head of School- Mr. Idris Kalkan, Thai Director- Ms. Sumalee Wichaidit, and the Middle School Coordinator- Mr. Sujith Kandathil. It was a great time for everyone to have an absolutely meaningful chit-chat over a good meal and coffee for breakfast. PAIS is overwhelmed with the presence and number of the attendees from the parents, which afterwards proceeded to participate in the Dengue Orientation, officially kick-started by the PTA President, Mrs. Nidhiporn Visitchaichan, and School Nurse Davina Siena Austria. The said Dengue Orientation is an event organized and sponsored by Sikarin Hospital and the PTA.

Indeed, it was a good start for the PTA to involve more parents from different departments of the school. The PTA plans to have breakfast or luncheon meetings with parents and seeks support and suggestions in furtherance of the school quality education and students success.