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PAIS Standardized Tests 2016


Pan-Asia International School Academic Section has administered a collaborative study for the measurement of the English language, Mathematics and Science subject achievements of students from grades 4 to 10 at our school on Thursday, 20 October, 2016. The data collected will be extremely helpful in providing evidence to support school policy choices, including program placement decisions, admissions testing, and ELL exit. 

Conclusions based on analyzing our students’ areas of strength and weaknesses, and additional information provided will help us inform teachers, administrators, parents, students, and school accreditation agencies.

These tests are not aimed as achievement tests, so students’ grades will not be affected negatively or positively, they are rather tools for diagnosing the strands that focus of learning will be regulated to meet the benchmarks in subject disciplines.

This month’s standard tests will be followed with a formative assessment after 6 months have passed in March.The purpose of collecting this data is to help examine the current state of English language, Mathematics and Science ability of students, the relative differences in ability between students, as well as the growth of ability over a 6-month period.