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PAIS Launches PABC

Pan-Asia International School has recently launched the PAIS Athletic Booster Club, a school organization formed to support school sports team, generally run and organized by parents of the students, athletic supporters, and alumni. It was proposed by the PAIS Head of Sports Department, Mr. Marlon Echave, and received the full support of the Head of School, Mr. Idris Kalkan, and Deputy Head of Student Development, Mr. Mark Dale Caniendo.

Students involvement into sports help them battle against technological influences like spending too much time with their cellphones, laptops, and I-pads. While academics keep them acquire knowledge, sports can keep them physically active and healthy. Moreover, sports can boost their confidence, promote their self-esteem, develop friendship, and avoid them from unwanted influences.

PABC imparts and encourages the PAIS community to develop and feel the spirit to morally and financially support the school’s athletic program. Aside from this, the PABC aims to enhance our athletes through recognizing the efforts of students participating in primary, middle school, and High School athletic programs. Therefore, the school is inviting all PAIS family, alumni, friends, and supporters to participate and become an official member, in order to benefit from PAIS sports program.

The Executive Board Members elected during the PABC first meeting are the following:

President: Pisit Pichitdechophat
VP of Athletics: Taweesak Mahdnor
VP of Membership: Nidhiporn Visitchaichan
Secretary: Pichaya Kim Associate
Secretary: Siriporn Singhasanee
Treasurer: Nucharin Wannakum