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PAIS-CAS Students Trip to Phayathai Babies Home


Fourteen (14) of grade 12A students organized a DodgeBall Tournament at PAIS and went to Phayathai Babies Home to donate the items they have bought with the money they have raised.

It was an excellent Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) project which includes all CAS strands. I observed the students as nice young individuals who demonstrated a great collaboration as a group. They all worked together for a good cause (although some worked more than the others). They also raised money very successfully in a way participants can enjoy. They also behaved as responsible individuals along the way.

At the orphanage, it was hard to get permission to play with the orphans at the beginning and we could only look at them from the outside but our students really wanted to play with them so we begged them and at the end, they allowed us. We could see how the kids were starving for love and hugs, they would stick to any stranger who would be willing to give some attention, whereas normal children who grow up with a family would hardly approach or hug a stranger. We could also see their little sad faces when you left. At least they are in a safe place with fairly good conditions.

Overall, it was a great project that students have organized and carried out.