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PAIS Academic Achievement Awarding Ceremony 2016


The PAIS Academic Achievement Ceremony is held twice each academic year in August and in June to acknowledge the outstanding academic achievements of our deserving students. This year, the awarding ceremony was held on the 24th of August for Middle and High School, and on the 31st of August for  Primary Department. Each semester, students who have an average equivalent to A or A- from two previous consecutive semesters will be receiving both a trophy and a certificate of recognition, and for those who have an average of A or A- from the previous semester will be receiving a certificate of recognition. This event was attended also by the parents/ family of our outstanding student.
We continue to enhance the skills or our students to achieve academic excellence, and those who have been awarded stand as inspiration to all students to strive better and focus more on their academics. These students are recognized for their specific as well as more general intellectual achievements.

The program was formally opened with words of wisdom addressed by Mr. Murat Mendi during the Middle and High School Awarding Ceremony, and an inspiring message imparted by Ms. Irna Towsen, Primary Academic Coordinator, during the Primary Recognition Ceremony. 

We would like to recognize the support and assistance of those who worked with us to make our acknowledgement of student achievement possible on this day, especially our Head of School, Mr. Idris Kalkan, Thai Director, Ms. Sumalee Wichaidit, and the Principal, Mr. Murat Mendi who were present on both days.  We also extend our appreciation for the cooperation of Mr. Ibrahim Arslan, Head of Student Development and Activities, Mr. Chad Duby, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development, and Mr. Sujith Kandathil, Middle School Coordinator, for presenting the trophies and certificates to the awardees.

Special thanks go to our Masters of Ceremonies, Mr. Mark Dale Caniendo, Mr. Chris Paulette, and Mr. Douglas Swartz, who kept the audience engaged and made the flow of the awarding ceremony run smoothly.

Our greatest appreciation is extended to those students honored today and to the parents who continuously support us in many different ways.  Congratulations!