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Middle and High School Academic Achievers for Term 1 of 2016-2017

This academic year, students at PAIS made substantial gain in their assessments, and has therefore received recognition for their meritorious performance. The Academic Achievement Awarding Ceremony for the first semester of 2016-2017 lead off on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at PAIS Auditorium. Thirty-three (33) deserving students from grade 6 - 12 has been awarded with certificate of academic excellence, 5 of which accumulated GPA equivalent to A, and 2 received special distinction.

Also during this day, PAIS appreciates those who have donated for the Thai Government Flood Relief Project. Their support for this cause is much appreciated.

When students understand the importance of doing their best in everything they do, the intrinsic values this carry, plus motivation from the teachers, their potential to develop themselves, ability to reach their goals, and interest to excel, is much likely to happen. When directed positively, they will be driven to be the best they can be as student, friend, classmate, community member, and citizen because it makes them feel good to perform better and do well. 

Here in PAIS, teachers influence the students to become excellent. They inculcate positive values that mold students to become strong, and develop their potential to become leaders and role models.

We congratulate our students for doing their best to excel in their academics.