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KPIS Spelling Bee 2016

On November 23, 24 and 25, pre-selected students from PAIS attended the International School Spelling Bee at KPIS. Over the course of the three days, students effectively demonstrated their knowledge of challenging spelling words.

Twenty eight different International Schools attended the Spelling Bee with over 300 participants. On Wednesday, November 23rd, two students from 2nd grade and one 1st grader competed. Ekrem eliminated in the first round. Pawin made until the 4th round and Sofia to the final knockout round. In the knockout round, students are presented with words that were not on their pre-selected list to study. Instead, they are challenged to use their knowledge of phonics and spelling patterns. “I learned how to spell more complicated words. I used techniques to memorize more words than I could remember. I had so much fun while competing with different schools. I’m looking forward to join next year,” said Sofia from Grade 2. On Thursday, November 24th, 3 students from 4th grade classrooms competed on the category 2: Fabiha was eliminated in the first round, Shadia made it until the 4th round, and Aqeel got into the knockout round. “I can’t forget the word MAHOGANY because that made me lose in the competition. I learned more complicated words, more than my classmates. It’s an advantage to join in a competition like this, because it makes you smarter than anyone else.

I’m looking forward to joining again next year,” he excitedly said. He even achieved 12th place amongst spellers. On Friday, November 25th, students from grades 5 and 6 also had great success. All 3 students successfully showcased their wide spread knowledge. Gina made it to the knockout rounds, and all the way to 7th place overall. The event was well sponsored and seemed well organized considering their recent expansion. The students shared in celebrations at the event and were mentioned in the following Monday’s assembly. They enjoyed receiving their prize bags! The activity served to inspire students to share their spelling skills and take pride. The students seemed to respond well and others were inspired to try next year. At first, the words seemed very difficult. However, this gave students a welcome challenge and helped motivate and give them a sense of pride. Perhaps we can also begin sending similar (or this year’s) words earlier in the year to those more able students who would benefit from extending their spelling ability further. Overall, the KPIS Inter-House Spelling Bee is a good platform for sharing successes and providing motivation.

The students responded well to teacher input, for example using knowledge of spelling patterns. It got them interested in the etymology of words, too! All contestants made us at PAIS very proud of their accomplishments. To compete with students from other International Schools at such a high level and achieve this much shows that hard work pays off! Students are already looking forward to next year. This is a competition focusing on phonic knowledge. Children particularly talented at spelling have the opportunity to showcase their skills. There were elements of oral skills, using clear voices to communicate. Children are encourage to enjoy participating and feeling a sense of achievement, regarding of the place they finish at. Children will gain a greater sense of community while taking part amongst children from different schools.