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Jivko Receives Achievements in Swimming


Jivko Dobrev Batovski, Grade 7 student, represented Pan-Asia International School at a swimming competition held on 25 - 26 March 2017 at Wat Ladkrabang School. Jivko joined his previous team Royal Navy CLUB - Bang-na.

Jivko competed 11 heats for the category - age 13 years: 6 races for the first day, and 5 races for the second day. He won gold medals on all 11 events, and received the very 1st NS Championship Cup of the said category (age 13).

With his coach and new team (Kimswimming Club), Jivko trains every day for 2 hours, and at the weekend 2-3 hours, at the sports centre of Bangkok, preparing to join and win another competition, which is held every 2 or 3 months.

Being the newest in his team, and has been training for less than 2 months, yet he has shown eagerness to perform his best in swimming. Motivated and guided by his parents, Jivko is being able to balance his time over studying, training, enjoying with his friends, and doing his hobbies.