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ISAA Track & Field Tournament 2017


The Track and Field competition for International Schools Athletic Association was done at Ramkhamhaeng University last February 24, 2017. It was participated by active international schools particularly: IPS, KPIS, PAIS, RAIS, and NIVA IS. Track events include running and relay while field events include jumping and throwing. All categories were gathered together and boys and girls score was combined to identify the overall champion.

The purpose of the activity was to bring all schools together for the love of sports and make students value the spirit of sportsmanship. In connection to school’s ESLRs, the activity served as a tool for bridging student’s camaraderie, became physically and socially active, physically fit, shall develop teamwork, and make them become effective communicators.

The most interesting part about the activity was that, students from different levels (primary to high school) were brought together fighting for the name of their school and for the love of sports. They had witnessed also other schools’ performance and had the chance to witness skills from others (co-players).