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ISAA 2016 Volleyball Girls Tournament (Open Category)


Annually, the International Schools Athletic Association (ISAA) conducts its sports tournament which is participated by active international schools of Thailand. The 2016 Volleyball Girls Tournament for Open category was held at NIVA International School last Monday, November 7, 2016 from 8:00 in the morning to 2:30 in the afternoon. There were seven schools who submitted entry for the event namely: NIVA, RAIS, KPIS, CIS, SJMIS, MISB, and Pan-Asia International School.

For several weeks, PAIS girls team, with their coach Ms. Lerly Ata, has been practicing for the said event. There were twelve (12) selected students who played representing the school. Out of this 12, only one came from Grade 9, two from Grade 10, eight from Grade 11, and one from Grade 12. All of them had played in the ISAA for a couple of years.

The purpose of the activity was to bring all schools together for the love of sports and make students value the spirit of sportsmanship. In connection to school’s ESLRs, the activity served as a tool for bridging student’s camaraderie, become physically and socially active, physically fit, and develop teamwork. 

The activity started with an opening program, though we arrived there a bit late, we had joined the coaches’ meeting. It ended with a closing program and awarding of winners. The most interesting part about the activity was that, students had the chance to witness skills from others (co-players) and coaches had different ways but had same goal. The students had fun and remarkable event since they got 4th place last year, and went up 3rd place this year.