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Grade 10 Power Plant Field Trip


Grade 10 Physics Students headed to South Bangkok Power Plant in Samut Prakan on Wednesday, 29 March 2017 with their teachers, Mr. Halit, Mr. Prem, and Mr. Nirut. This field trip helped the students understand their current topic in Physics which is about Electricity.

During their trip they learned about the following things:

-What is a power plant?

-What kind of power plants are there?

-What kind of fuel is used and where do they get it?

-What are the processes to generate the electricity?

-What are the power plants in Thailand?

-What are their future plans?

After having a one-hour seminar about the answers to these questions, they put on helmets, walked around the power station to see the main control room, combustion turbines, generators, steam turbines and condensation units. It was a very beneficial and enjoying trip for the students. The team, on behalf of PAIS, would like to extend our appreciation to all the staff of the power plant for their hospitality and kindness. They are very accommodating, well organized and ready for this kind of trips.