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Flu Vaccination at Pan-Asia Internatinal School by Samitivej Children's Hospital


PAIS Flu Vaccination 2016 took place last Friday, November 4, 2016 inside the nurse room. It was opened to all PAIS family from Kindergarten to Grade 12, including teachers, parents, and staff. Visitors were also welcomed to join and avail the program. 

Flu vaccination program is a global  project in line with the World Health Organization and CDC as a measure to prevent the spread of flu as it has increased over the years due to the global changes. As Thailand supports this project, PAIS is creating an extension of this  to our international school environment. Moreso, the country experiences longer rainy season  and an abrupt change of weather, flu cases are increasing.

Availing the quadrivalent flu vaccine which our school chose for to decrease the likelihood of having flu as there are  lots of different strains of flu, we have the updated vaccine released by WHO as of February, 2016. The vaccine is administered by Samitivej Children’s Hospital medical team with the discounted price of 590 baht per shot. The flu vaccination is meant to be an annual thing.

To link this activity with our school ESLR’s, the program gives better protection to those who avail of the vaccine, decreasing the risk of getting flu which is parallel to decreasing absenteeism among students, teachers and staff. 

In collaboration with Samitivej Children’s Hospital medical team, the program was actualized on that day. We had a standby ambulance.  In all, there were 84 who received the vaccines which was really surprising as there were only 43 who were listed before the day, or 27 who have made their payment a week prior. In all, it was a great success.

The activity ended by 11:15 as the hospital medical team advised not to accept anymore  person as they ran out of vaccines. 7 of the students and 1 staff had their vaccination a week after at the hospital.

This program on health is really essential. I would say this flu vaccination should be an annual thing to consider for everyone as it was a success with more than 80 receiving the vaccine.

Parents suggested that PTA should be more involved into this endeavor, that this should be compulsory to KG until Primary Level not unless if they had it already to protect them from getting sick easily.

Another parent even thought that we can have vaccination for other immunizable childhood disease to prevent kids from getting sick like chicken pox
As there very few staff and teachers who involved themselves in this program, a parent suggested that this should be made free for them as a privilege or benefit of working. Sick teachers and staff means students are not given the learning for the day.

In all, being the organizer of this program, I would like to thank everyone who have made the event a success : Head of school, managers, coordinators, marketing officers, accounting department, student leaders, teachers and staff. 

Great thanks to  all who participated and were brave enough to face the needle prick.