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Egg Drop Challenge 2016


One of the best activities most popular in science for students of all levels is the Egg Drop Challenge. This Academic Year 2016-2017, PAIS Physics Teacher, Mr. Halit Coskun, conducted this challenge for Grade 9 students, held on Friday, 25 November 2016.

The egg drop experiment is perfect for learning about gravity and about how materials interact with one another. The end goal of the experiment is for students to create packaging around an uncooked egg to ensure that the egg can be dropped from a height without breaking. It is related with the lessons they learned in Physics, which are Pressure, Gravity, and Air resistance.

Each competing team is composed of a pair of students. It was a very good activity to develop teamwork, share ideas, be artistic to design, and help them overcome problems, and work out for a solution together.

At the end of the competition, the project designed by Ceyda Moco and Varintorn Ruttanatharakul took the overall victory in Grade 9B under the Best Design Category. Second Place was awarded to Omar Tawileh and Muadh Omer Thaika, competing for the Simple and Light Category. In Grade 9A, the project of Ibrahim Akram and Khopfa Yupensuk won the overall winner under the Best Design Categories.