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Dengue Orientation by PTA and Sikarin Hospital

Dengue Orientation took place last 31 st March, 2017 at PAIS meeting room. This program was presented in collaboration with Sikarin Hospital and PTA which was organized by the school nurse. It was participated mainly by parents and teachers as well as administrator.

The purpose was to provide information on the statistical update of Dengue in Thailand in comparison with other countries as epidemic have been reported after 2 decades alarming the country. The disease process was well explained and its preventive measures as to environmental and social ways from acquiring. Specific measure was introduced particularly being the newest trend in vaccination which is the existence of Dengue Vaccine endorsed by World Health Organization as a means of giving longer protection of acquiring the virus.

The discussion was presided by Dr. Apai Agsarawanich, a Pediatrician. The orientation was presented in a powerpoint. There was an open discussion in the course of the orientation. Interaction was displayed well that showed interest in knowing and be informed. It ended exactly within the time frame given.