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Anger Management Mini Seminar 2016


Guidance Counselling Department, in cooperation with Student Development Section, started a mini seminar about “Anger Management” on 16 November for Middle School, and 23 November for High School. The aim of this mini-seminar is to remind students to develop self-control, which will help them improve their behaviour not only in the class, but also in the school’s campus. The students listened to the 15-minute presentation which was put forward by PAIS Guidance Counsellor, Ms. Grace.

Mr. Mark finalized the mini seminar with an encouragement for them to become good, disciplined, and well-behaved students.  Through practicing a good behavior and proper anger management, students can be fully aware of what they could become. This mini seminar helps them to understand the emotional changes during their growing up years, and PAIS is always here to give them the proper guidance in order to fully develop them as good individuals, whether they are at home,  in the school, as members of the community, and the country.