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A Presentation on College Preparation

On Wednesday morning, December 7, 2016 at the auditorium, Ms. Cindy, our college counselor gave a short presentation to grades 8 to 12 students about college preparation. Summary of her presentation is as below.

College preparation revolves around trying to find answers to “WHAT?”, “WHERE?” to study and “HOW?” to get into universities. In order to find answers to WHAT to study at university, students can take a career test to get better ideas about their personalities and careers that are suitable for them. The career test used at PAIS is Strong Interest Inventory High School Profile which is based on John Holland’s RIASEC theory of vocational psychology and it gives a very detailed and comprehensive assessment and report. Taking this test can truly give insights into what career paths to take and prevent students from wasting time and money by choosing a career path that does not suit them.

In terms of choosing WHERE to study, students are encouraged to get involved and attend university fairs and presentations given by university representatives and attend open houses at the universities. So far, PAIS has hosted 10 university fairs and individual university visits this term and arranged a couple of university fairs outside of school. Students are also encouraged to join summer programs abroad to get first-hand experience of studying abroad.

Finally, in order to learn HOW to get into universities of their choices, students are advised to learn about the admission requirements and prepare early. College preparation is a four year process and students are presented with a four year plan that give details of what they should do at each grade to best prepare for college.

In closing, students are reminded of the same advice seniors give to younger grades every year over and over again; “NOT TO PROCRASTINATE AND PREPARE EARLY TO SUCCEED IN LIFE!.”