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PAIS features variety of modern educational facilities such as:

  • Four fully equipped and functional Science Labs: Chemistry,Physics, Biology and General Science.
  • Two music rooms including Western music room with a broad range of musical instruments
  • Two covered basketball/voleyball courts
  • Two grassed football pitches
  • One open basketball/volleyball/footsal court
  • A half Olympic size swimming pool
  • A swimming pool for kindergarten
  • A large and well appointed art room
  • Promethean interactive white boards in all classrooms, labs, computer rooms and language rooms.
  • An IT lab with touch screen computers and multimedia facilities.
  • A specious and rich library with computer room
  • A well equipped electronic library.
  • A cafeteria with a variety of nutritious and balanced meals including quality vegetarian food.
  • A new and modern fleet of buses with trained drivers and monitors


PAIS has a rapidly growing library. This year alone we have added more than 11,000 books in English, Thai and other languages. We now have more than 13,000 volumes total. Students are provided with a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction books in our library in addition to periodicals such as magazines, newspapers and computer resources. Teacher can find a wealth of supplementary materials and professional development texts. 

The leadership of PAIS considers the library the heart of the school, and as such PAIS is constantly seeking opportunities to increase the size and offerings of the school library, both in terms of books and other useful learning resources. An online computer library is also available in the library for researchers.


PAIS has fourfully equipped and functional Science Labs:Chemistry,Physics, Biology and General Science. The labs provide the space and resources young minds need to engage in authentic scientific discovery.


Science Lab

The PAIS cafeteria staff serves lunch daily to our students. The menu emphasizes nutritional balance for growing bodies and minds, as well as culinary variety to satisfy the varied tastes of our international student population. 

The PAIS cafeteria has also received the Thai government’s highest rating for cleanliness and sanitation practices


The PAIS computer lab boasts 24 state-of-the-art Hewlett Packard touch screen computers available to our students in the pursuit of knowledge. The computers are equipped with a wide range of authentic software and are all Internet-ready.


The PAIS purpose-built auditorium seats just over 300 in plush air-conditioned comfort. The auditorium features state-of-the-art audio and video equipment and is suitable for performances both large and small.


The PAIS sports facilities provide students places to keep their bodies, not just their minds, in shape.

The Covered Court
The Covered Court is a full-size basketball court which features a rubberized floor to prevent injury. The Covered Court is instantly converted into a venue for Futsal, volleyball, tennis and a variety of other games.

Football Pitch
The Covered Court is a full-size basketball court which features a rubberized floor to prevent injury. The Covered Court is instantly converted into a venue for Futsal, volleyball, tennis and a variety of other games.

Swimming Pool
PAIS also has a full-sized swimming pool complete with showers and changing rooms. Here our students can learn the basics of swimming and water-safety.


The music room is equipped with keyboards, guitars, violins, recorders and more! This is a place within PAIS where future musicians may be made.


PAIS features a large, well-stocked Nurse’s Room for maintaining good health in our students and caring for them when they are under the weather. Our Nurse’s Room has two separate resting areas with beds one for boys and one for girls.


Playground- New play areas for Kindergarten and Primary students

KG Toys Area
Located in front of the Kindergarten classrooms is a covered, outdoor area equipped with children’s toys such as slides and swings as well as areas to run and play.

Kindergarten Swimming Pool
Closed off from this section is a new swimming pool for Kindergarten students complete with showers.

Primary Play Area
Attached to our new spacious cafeteria is another play area open to Primary students during their morning break and lunch times. The area contains such items as table-tennis tables, volleyball nets and a variety of ball and racquets for the students to use.


PAIS uses a fleet of modern vans to pick up and drop off many of our students from all over Bangkok and the surrounding areas. These vans are well-maintained and regularly inspected. The vans themselves are staffed by a knowledgeable bus monitor and the vans also have a variety of English audio and video programs for the student listening or viewing pleasure.


The Orange Shop is a popular destination for students during the day. The shop is stocked with food, snacks and refreshing drinks available to the students before school, at break times, lunch times and after school. The shop endeavors to provide students with snacks and drinks that are delicious and healthy.


There are Smart Boards installed in classrooms (Kindergarten, Primary, Middle School and High School) as an advanced teaching and learning tool available to all. In addition to the Kindergarten and Primary classrooms there are Smart Boards installed and available in some of the labs and other subject classrooms throughout PAIS.


PAIS now boasts a double-sized Art Classroom/Studio. Purpose-built with our I.B. Art students in mind the room is a well-equipped and spacious workspace perfect for fostering the creative side of our students.